Equip is not just another multivitamin it’s a multi-nutrient with time-sustained technology. Not all “multivitamins” are equal and you really do get what you pay for. The ideal breakdown for absorbability is in the first 2-4 feet of your small intestines. Equip absorbs much better than average brands. We ensure the maximum absorption through special time-sustained release techniques in our manufacturing process. As it pertains to vitamins, they are grouped in 2 different categories: 1. Water-soluble, which can be broken down and either absorbed or excreted in as little as 20 minutes; 2. Fat-soluble, which lasts much longer in your system. Equip was made for extended release of its water-soluble vitamins in order to provide the maximum benefit all day. In additional to Equip’s vitamin and mineral blend, the Innutra formulation team also added the benefits of Wholefoods for extra antioxidant support, a Digestive Enzyme blend, and an Energy blend that contains several Adaptogens to provide energy and to help fight various types of stress. Equip is truly a unique Multi-nutrient that should be a part of your every day life!

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