INterval Training – Burn Baby Burn.

Interval Training incorporates both high and low intensity training. This maximizes your body’s caloric deficit so you burn both carbohydrates and fats thru your glycogen storage, and in turn provides energy to your body. High intensity training such as running stairs or sprints is an anaerobic activity, which uses more muscle to achieve the workout and burns fat for a longer period of time (Muscle always burns calories). Low intensity training such as jogging, walking, or stretching keeps the heart rate going and would be considered anaerobic activity. The combination of both during your routine will generate a very high calorie and fat burning workout in a shorter period of time. Most of the cardio machines at a gym have an Interval Training option program, Spinning is a type of Interval Training or you can go to a track and run or jog a ¼ of the track and the next ¼ jog or walk depending on your cardio condition and keep repeating. 4 laps around a 440-yard track is one mile so get in as you can. Another option for a quick burn is 8-10, 60-yard sprints with a walk or jog back. That’s intense interval training. If you try interval training, take a Burn capsule before hand and get ready to sweat!

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