Jim Ayres began his journey in the health and wellness industry in 1991, when the fitness fashion was leg warmers, “woobies,” headbands and G-string leotards… the height of Olivia Newton John’s career. Jim was the General Manager of a private, 20,000sqft health club in Canyon Lake, CA. It was at this fitness center that Jim Ayres first dated his wife Jennifer, who is an accredited fitness trainer and expert. During Jim’s tenure at the fitness center, he discovered his love and passion to help others achieve better health through a change of lifestyle that included regular exercise and nutritional diets.

Approximately 3 years after Jim began his role at the fitness center, the diet drug combination called “Phen-Fen” hit the market and nearly destroyed the fitness center business as many chose to spend their money on a quick-fix for weight loss rather than a gym membership. Well, with the spirit of adapt or die, Jim and his business partner decided to join the dark side for a while and transformed their 1,100sqft tanning facility into a medical weight loss clinic. Jim partnered with an M.D. who examined and qualified each patient and hired LVNs and RNs to provide care to the center’s patients. The company was writing Phen-Fen prescriptions out of a health club and business was excellent. While the Phen-Fen clinic was doing excellent, Jim did not feel good about the business as he is a strong advocate of health and wellness and did not believe prescription drugs were the answer. He began his research in the dietary supplement industry and formulated his first product. It was a combination of 18 all-natural ingredients designed to mimic the effects of Phen-Fen; increase energy and decrease appetite. The product delivered on the promise and many of the clinics patients elected the natural alternative to Phen-Fen rather than the addictive drug. Patients experienced excellent results and the clinic summarized the results with an in-house clinical study. Months afterward, the FDA recalled Fenflurarmine and Dexfenfluramine (“Fen” in Phen-Fen) from the negative impact on heart valves. The nation was in a panic as people drove across borders to get Fenfluramine. In 1997, CBS news contacted Jim about a feature story on his product called NxTrim. The health anchor on CBS news touted the product to deliver “Phen-Fen results without the side-effects.” Demand for NxTrim was immediate and a frenzy. Over the next year Jim traveled all over the country meeting with retail buyers in drug, mass, and grocery channels of distribution. Jim got the product in more than 15,000 stores including Longs Drug (now CVS), SavOn Drug (now CVS), RiteAid, Albertson’s, and Walmart. The product was #3 in its class nationwide and #1 in California. This was the springboard to Jim’s career.

Jim Ayres - Product Formulator

Over the next 15 years, Jim Ayres developed several products for direct response television, network marketing companies, big gym chains and many others. One particular product he invented has sold over 25 million bottles worldwide.

Jim’s career met his passion when he developed a company based on transformation through coaching, motivation, education, and nutritional supplementation. In 2012, Jim Ayres founded Innutra Innovative Nutrition. Originally structured as a multi-level-marketing (network marketing) company, Innutra quickly got out of the gates with more than 2,000 customers its first month. Today the company has continued to expand its customer base and focuses on delivery products of the highest quality directly to consumers. In 2015, Jim changed Innutra’s business model from MLM to an affiliate based marketing company in order to lower prices and drop the stigma associated with “pyramid schemes.” In 2017, Innutra opened a fitness studio lead by Jim’s wife and fitness guru Jen. Jen is the founder of The Studio by Innutra, a unique fitness experience with group classes including Barre, Boot Camp, Yoga, H.I.I.T. and more. The Studio by Innutra also features a gym with cardio equipment and a fully equipped weight room. The expansion is a perfect fit for the company’s vision to change the world through healthier lifestyles. The Studio by Innutra is located in beautiful Temecula, California, just a short distance from the Ayres’ household. Both Jim and Jen will continue on their paths to change the world through better health.