Helping people get healthy is what you might call Jim Ayres life passion, and it started when he was a just a child growing up in 1970’s Southern California. Jim’s life then was pretty typical; there was a wide world out there to explore and he burned more than his share of calories exploring it!

But it all came crashing down one sunny SoCal day in 1977. A friend’s father had taken Jim and his friends to the park. The kids started climbing and sliding down a rock wall into a soft pile of sand. Unfortunately, someone had left a broken beer bottle buried in that sand, and Jim was the unlucky kid who happened to find it – a split second that changed his life and the lives of his family. Jim’s right leg was slashed open from behind the knee down to the ankle. By sheer luck, it missed any major arteries and doctors were able to save his leg.

Recovery from this injury took a long time. Jim Ayres had to spend the majority of the next year lying in bed, unable to partake in any calorie-burning activities. Those calories that he had been burning before were now turning to fat.

Jim spent the last part of First Grade lying in bed being home schooled, and spent most of the following summer in bed too. Finally, he was ready to return to classes at the beginning of Second Grade. “I didn’t get quite the return welcome I was expecting. “ , Jim recalls.

Jim thought he would hear a lot of “We missed you! Welcome back!” But what he actually heard was a lot of “Wow… you got fat!” Because of his inability to exercise, Jim had put on quite a bit of weight, and in the 70s obesity wasn’t as common as it unfortunately is today. It wasn’t long before the other kids were calling Jim “Jell-O” because of the way he jiggled when he ran.

“I’ve shared my story so that people can know that I do get how it feels to be unhappy with your body. I became ashamed of my appearance, beaten down by the teasing and had no idea how to change it. “ , says Jim , “I must give thanks to Keith Ayres, my brother, a man who takes his health and fitness seriously; he was the one who took the junk food out of my hands and replaced it with fruits and vegetables, and then got me out and moving around again. Two years later, I was back down to my fighting weight and feeling good about myself again. I had lost fat, but more importantly I gained back my confidence.”


In 1992, Jim Ayres became partner in a health club – it was his entry into the health and wellness industry. However, when the weight loss drug “Phen-Fen” came out(a combination drug of Phentermine and Fenfluramine that help people achieve rapid weight loss), people saw it as a much easier way to lose weight than exercising and the health club memberships began dropping.

As you likely know, Phen-Fen was soon called off the market due to serious health concerns. But before that happened, Jim Ayres had the fortune to have released an all-natural alternative. After the Phen-Fen recall, Jim received calls from reporters wishing to feature the product on their newscasts. Before you knew it, He had been on-camera several times to much positive feedback and the product became a huge success. By the tender age of 27, He had become the Senor Vice President and COO of Nova Pharmaceuticals – and I’ve never looked back.


I also give thanks to my brother Kieth, my mother, Patricia, and my father, James, (who has now passed on) for their support through my darkest times.

Thanks to all the people who have taken my advice and used my products to help achieve their own physical transformations. It’s an honor to be a part of your lives.

Finally, thanks to the person who left behind that broken piece of glass. The events that it led to in my life are nothing short of incredible. Without that life-changing event, there’s no telling where I would be now.

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