UTurn is a multifaceted ant-aging serum for both men and women. Many things cause aging and looking older beyond your years and UTurn isn’t just a clever name, Uturn helps you to achieve your youthful appearance. Skin is the body’s largest vital organ and the skin on the face and neck areas are exposed to the most damaging conditions such as sun, cold weather, pollutants and physical stress. These elements can cause fine lines, deep wrinkles, collagen reductions, discoloring, dehydration and compromised elasticity. Uturn contains more than 50 essential ingredients to help combat against physical, chemical and environmental stress using a high-antioxidant blend, essential oils, and other micronutrients to prevent free radical damage from oxidation. The exotic oils in UTurn can help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, light spots, and even dark circles under the eyes. We’ve also included a unique protein blend to help build your natural collagen production and firm up your skin from the inside out, with a nice youthful glow.  The lemongrass scent is appealing to both men and women but also doubles as the preservative system for this unique product. Even though UTurn contains many beneficial oils, it applies very clean, not oily. Uturn tightens skin upon application, smells great and can be used any time of day. Uturn can be used more than once a day; just make sure you apply before bedtime so the ingredients can go to work while your face is at rest. For the ultimate system that works from the inside out, use Uturn in conjunction with Nourish and Equip. You will not only notice softer, smoother, more even skin,\; you will also notice that your hair and nails will grow faster, stronger and longer. These three combined provide a very powerful anti-aging system for those striving to stay young.

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